PAUL ELVERE DELSART - West bound on the french side

PAUL ELVERE DELSART - West bound on the french side

Press kit the papillon source mediterraneaPress kit the papillon source mediterranea (858.23 Ko)


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As the promoting country of the Papillon Source, France will host several infrastructures of the Papillon Méditerranée label, as well as its headquarters. The centers will be developed on the country’s west coast, in the departments of Gironde and Landes.

Cultural Center

France will host a research and engineering development center. It will be pluridisciplinary and cover domains such as chemistry, energy, or sustainable infrastructures. Keeping a spirit of partnership, the center will also host international scientific exhibits. The goal will be to reunite researchers, scholars and alter globalization enthusiasts from all over the world.

A societal projects nursery

All environmental, agricultural, climatic or alter globalization projects will be welcomed there. The goal here is to federate talents from all over the planet and to make their ideas realities.

A spacious video recording studio

The studio will broadcast educative programs of an alternative and positive web TV, that will be accessible in several languages. Programs will have an international reach and will be entirely produced by French residents, in order to boost employment and creativity of media professionals.


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