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A word with the promoter Paul Elvere DELSART

A word with the promoter Paul Elvere DELSART

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I understood very early that multidisciplinarity was key for individuals’ development but also for society in its globality. Since childhood, I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur and do my share to positively change the world. However, it had to be for a noble cause and helping people.

I am a product of the aeronautical industry, in which I have worked for 7 years in Toulouse and Paris metropolitan area. But my goal never was to thrive professionally by following the classical path.

Looking at the current issues of social integration and the lack of opportunity for youth worldwide, my idea was to successfully create a scientific, intellectual, and uniquely creative spirit of partnership, and that through ambitious, decentralized, and transnational events. Such a movement would inevitably have lasting changing impacts on the current rules established in the domain of international affairs and of a mostly economic diplomacy.

 Such a movement would inevitably create unity among nations.  

Such a mechanism will be unstoppable once ignited because it will give the world an opportunity to change the paradigm.



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